Week 26

Week 26 was amazing!! First, we did our test which were writing. Next, it was snowed a little bit when we were having two recesses it was so amazing!!!! The other things we did was that we didn’t have school  on tuesday because of voting. Also we had tug of war tryouts and now I’m with my friend. Last, WE WROTE SONGS!!!!!! ^_^ File Mar 04, 10 14 56 AM


Week 25

For week 25 we did dads & donuts even if my dad didn’t come I had fun with my friends and classmates. Next, we had someone come into our class and talk about the songs that we wrote about and sang. Also, we had UT play music for us with steel drums and there was dining with the rams at wendys. This week was so much FUN!!!!IMG_5783

Week 22

My week 22 was amazing! We did 3 prompts I tried my best. Next Mr.Haney played Octaball. If you don’t know what Octaball is its a game where you try to get player out with a ball but you can’t wall jump and if you get hit with the ball knees and below then you out. Last, in math we learned about Volume.

Week 19

My week 19 was amazing we had a 4 day week. We also got new reading buddies we are excited it read to them and ask them questions about the book. Last we got cards from India it was so amazing getting cards from a different place! I hope you guys have a wonderful week.

Week 18

For week 18 we went to WonderWorks we had so much fun I did the Brain Activity, Bubble Lab and so much more! It was so much fun. We also had a Holiday party we got to play our video games. Also we got to wear our pjs. Next we got our French card with candy. Last, we did the spelling bee and it was a half day.File Dec 18, 9 20 03 AM